Using Eclipse for SOLR development

Follow the below steps to change or add features to SOLR using Eclipse IDE

1. Download desired version of SOLR at with source. File name might look like solr-4.7.0-src.tgz

2. Extract it to folder using 7-zip if windows. Easy to extract in Mac or Unix systems

3. In terminal/cmd go to solr directory (/extract_location/solr-4.7.0)

4. Run "ant eclipse" command to create an eclipse project

5. In Eclipse use File > Import and select General > Existing Projects into Workspace

6. Select root directory as solr extracted diretory (extraction_location/solr-4.7.0) or Browse to the /extracted_location/solr

7. Under Projects you can see solr-4.7.0 checked. Hit Finish

To build and run, read the article below

Build and run solr from source