Oracle aquires No.1 ecommerce solutions provider ATG

The giant corporation Oracle, acquires the No. 1 eCommerce solution ATG. Oracle share jumps by 40c and ATG shares by 45%.

Oracle might take a bite of eCommerce into their Oracle Retail and CRM solutions. Over the years though ATG has been a top ranked eCommerce solution, and 90% customers have to struggle integrating it with their other retail solutions. These days every retail company has its online presence and with a top eCommerce solution in Oracle's hands the choice is pretty simple. It might take a few years for Oracle to completely integrate ATG into their product line and surely the pure ATG road map might have some hurdles.

This is the second major step Oracle took towards Retail after they acquired Retek Inc. ATG by itself put in a lot of time and effort to build its own B2B, personalization and a hint of CRM to fulfill its eCommerce needs. But imagine a fully integrated Retail, Merchandising, Supply chain and Web channels. Imagine promotions, products and inventory easily shared across Store and Web channels. Customer buys online and picks it up at a store, Its been always a nightmare to integrate. Let us wait and see how far Oracle would go with this product.