Unable to activate iPod touch 4th generation latest itunes

If you have a 4th generation iPod touch. If you have ever upgraded it to iOS 6 and tried to reset or erase data you might not be able to Activate it. You might get a expired device message on itunes or Unable to connect to activate message on iPod.

Follow the below work around to reset and activate your old iPod touch 4th generation

1. Update your itunes on Mac/Windows to latest

2. Download iOS 4.3.5 ipsw from http://www.ipswdownloader.com/

3. Disable Wifi on Mac

4. Click "Option key" + Restore button on iTunes to try to restore from ipsw file download from above link

5. iTunes will throw 3004 error and iPod would go to restore mode

6. Enable Wifi and click on Restore button again on iTunes. The iPod should restore from Apple and activate with no issues.