Apple Digital Wallet iPhone 5s or iPhone 6

Digital Wallet would be one of the must have feature for all future generation smart phones. Google Android is already a big player in the market with Google Wallet app which is widely used by consumers. One of the basic hardware requirement to use mobile phone as a payment device is NFC (Near Field Communication).

Apple tried to get into the Mobile Wallet space by introducing Passbook. Passbook doesn't support Credit or Debit cards but it can help in carrying boarding passes, movie tickets coupons etc.,. Lack of NFC capability in the A5/A6 chips is major drawback for apple to get into the Wallet space. The next iPhone that succeeds iPhone 5 could be iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 might have a A6X chip which might include the NFC capability. If a chip with NFC capability is introduced we can very soon see a iOS 6 or 7 release with Digital Wallet or Upgraded Passbook app that would support credit cards and can be used for checkout.

The support for NFC enabled devices is already wide spread at Checkout/POS terminals across the country. iPhone being one of the widely used device can change the perception of digital marketplace and digital currency. But Android is surely few steps ahead in the game.