Developing with Weblogic 12c on Eclipse - Setup in 10 mins and start development on Weblogic

Weblogic EAR and WAR. War has index.jsp (Hello) in it. (Weblogic 12c but they can be reconfigured to any weblogic app version)

For Server to run in local inside eclipse (right click run on server) below are the steps

1. Download Weblogic Free Zip for Windows (Developer)

2. Unzip in c:\ name it to c:\weblogic12c\

3. Added MW_HOME=c:\weblogic12c environment variable and run c:\weblogic12c\configure.cmd (JAVA_HOME should be defined)

4. Add server to Eclipse servers (servers tab) Right click -> New Server -> Download additional server Adapter -> to download Weblogic adapter

5. Add the server as Weblogic 12c -> weblogic home = c:\weblogic12c\wlserver + JRE

6. Import the EAR and WAR(attached) projects into eclipse. Right click on index.jsp (in War) and Run on Server.

7. Hit http://localhost:7001/WeblogicRestWar/index.jsp

Same steps to add other versions of Weblogic.