Step 4: Moving or Migrating historic data into Big data platform

Configure IIS to host New Volume drive as FTP location

Open Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > IIS Manager

Right click on "Sites" add ftp site by clicking on "Add FTP Site"

Provide Name and provide the new F: as the drive to host FTP.

Select "No SSL" since this is the easiest way to open firewall in assure. Since FTP uses Random ports it is secure enough. If you are concerned about security please setup Site-to-Site VPN for Azure.

Give Access to specified users

Click on the Actual Host "TESTHOST" (Not on the Sites). To configure the variable ports that FTP would use.

For simplicity to open few ports in Azure i have opened range of 1025 to 1028 (1025, 1026, 1027, 1028) as random ports. In the next step we will expose these ports in Azure portal

Add All FTP ports 1025 to 1028 (1025, 1026, 1027, 1028) as Endpoints in Azure portal. TestHost > Settings > Endpoints